Fischer Statement on Raybould Planned Parenthood Endorsement.

The following is from the office of U.S. Senator Deb Fischer

LINCOLN, Neb. - Today, Jane Raybould announced her endorsement by the nations largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. U.S. Senator Deb Fischer released the following statement:

  • Like the vast majority of Nebraskans, I believe that all life is precious and the most vulnerable among us the unborn must be protected. I have a long record of supporting pro-life policies in the U.S. Senate and the Nebraska Legislature, including landmark, bipartisan pain-capable legislation, which enjoyed the support of Nebraska pro-choice and pro-life state senators alike. I have also fought to provide federal funding for community health centers that truly offer compassionate healthcare for women in need. With her endorsement today by the nations largest abortion provider, Jane Raybould has made it perfectly clear where she stands: not with Nebraskans, but with abortion-on-demand extremists.

On November 8, Fischer was endorsed by the national pro-life group the Susan B. Anthony List.

According to PolitiFact, Planned Parenthood is the largest single provider of abortion in the United States.

Earlier today, Jane Raybould sent out a fundraising email touting her endorsement by Planned Parenthood. A copy of that email is attached.

Office of Sen. Deb Fischer