Munger donates Berkshire Hathaway stock worth $7.5 million.

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman Charlie Munger is giving company stock worth nearly $7.5 million to Harvard Law School.

Munger disclosed the donation of 26 Class A Berkshire shares in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday. Those shares were selling for $287,600 apiece.

Munger said he gave the stock to the law school he attended on June 1.

The 94-year-old Munger has worked with Berkshire's Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett for decades to decide where to invest the company's cash.

Munger has previously made major donations to the University of Michigan and the private Harvard-Westlake School in southern California that he has long supported.

After the donations, Munger owned 4,752 Class A shares of the Omaha-based company, worth nearly $1.4 billion.