Ord Jr. and Sr. High Principal Contract Terminated after 12 Hour Hearing.

A hearing was conducted on Monday June 18 at 7:00 PM at the Ord High School to determine if Principal Mark Hagges contract would be renewed, amended or terminated.

Principal Hagge had repeatedly admitted to what he did was a mistake during the hearing while on the record. Hagge had been asked if he had told the 7th and 8th graders to write down the questions and show their work on scratch paper prior to taking Nebraska Standardized Tests, known as NeSA or NSCAS testing. He was asked if he had provided snacks to the students, he was asked if he collected students scratch paper and failed to destroy it immediately, but instead handed it to a teacher to review and give a grade.

All of which Hagge was asked, is against testing policies. Hagge was under suspicion by the board of education and Superintendent Jason Alexander of a security breach for releasing the students scratch paper to unauthorized persons.

Hagge was also asked if he had not followed the chain of command when being approved to book hotel rooms for State Basketball and Volleyball.

Hagges hearing lasted nearly 12 hours after a verdict had been reached. Mark Hagges contract was terminated with Ord Public Schools immediately.

**This is a developing story, stay with KNLV News as we will have more from the Board of Education on the hearing.