(UPDATE) Ord Vet Clinic Reports Parvo Outbreak Monday Morning.

(UPDATE) Ord, NE - The Ord Vet Clinic has reported there are no new cases of Canine Parvovirus Infection in the area. The three cases found Monday were sent home Wednesday of this week.

There have also been no further cases in the Broken Bow area and Burwell.

The first case was reported two weeks ago and the clinic had determined it was infecting puppies that had no parvo shot or only the first shot of a three shot series.

The chances for dogs up to date on shots have the least chance to catch parvo. Dogs that have at least two of the three parvo shots have a better chance at not being infected as well. The parvo shot is a Series of three shots starting at 8 weeks, then 12 and the last at 16 weeks.

The clinic has been thoroughly sterilized and no longer at a risk for spreading to other dogs coming in and out of the clinic.

Ord, NE - The Ord Vet Clinic is reporting a Canine Parvovirus Infection outbreak in Ord and Broken Bow. There have been three cases alone this morning. Parvo is a quick spreading virus among puppies and is the #1 puppy killer.

The public is urged to no take puppies out in public. The virus manifests itself in two different forms. The more common form is the intestinal form, which is characterized by vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss and lack of appetite (anorexia). The virus itself stays in the ground where an infected puppy has been and is how the virus is spread.

If you suspect your puppy has parvo call the Ord Vet Clinic FIRST and set something up to vaccinate. Do NOT bring your puppy in the building. The clinic is trying to keep this virus as contained as possible.

The Ord Vet Clinic phone number is 308-728-5221. Again DO NOT take your puppies out in public and do not bring them to the vet clinic building. Call First to set up appointment.

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